EC Frozen AIADMK Symbol – Gave Two New Symbol and Names for RK Nagar By-poll

By | March 23, 2017

After sad death of the Ex Chief minister of the Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, The party she belongs to is all on its way to divided in two parts. As after death of the Jayalalithaa, O. Panneerselvam was made the chief minister of Tamil nadu, but for very short time as Sashikala (close aid of Jayalalithaa) had take over Party chief post and wanted to become CM as well. And the dispute between this two parts of AIADMK now reached to Election commission office.

EC Frozen AIADMK SymbolAs there is a By-poll on the vacant seat of the Jayalalithaa, both AIADMK camp has claimed to stack the poll symbol of AIADMK. And till the solution came, Election commission of india has seized the symbol and given “HAT” symbol to the sashikala camp and electric pole to the OPS camp. The by-poll of RK nagar seat (from where Jayalalithaa used to fight election) is in april and all this drama has been carried out for this RK nagar seat only.

The new name of the party has been given to both camp by EC, The sashikala camp is now known as  AIADMK Amma and OPS camp will be known as AIADMK Puratchi Thalaivi Amma. When sashikala convicted in corruption case and sent to jail by Supreme court, since then there were talks of split in AIADMK as many MLA were supporting OPS as CM but sashikala forcefully kept them in resort till the trust vote get voted on the Assembly floor.

Chief minister Edapaddi Palaniswami was confident to get AIADMK symbol and had submitted 20,000 pages of material to EC and had claimed the symbol but since the OPS camp was also fighting hard, they also had submitted 8000 affidavit in the EC to claim the symbol. Though, the EC is yet to pronounce its decision but before the by-poll, they seized the symbol and allotted two new name and symbol to both the parties.

It is interesting to know that electric pole symbol which is with OPS camp is quite close to the original symbol of the AIADMK (two leaves) and Sashikala camp got HAT camp which is totally new. In the poll, symbol has quite much importance as it decides the identity of the political party. It will be interesting to see how voting is done and who win this seat.

RK nagar seat which was traditionally strong hold of AIADMK since 1996 (as in ’96,DMK lost that seat, than after they couldn’t able to win).  Also, the Jayalalithaa’s niece is also started new outfit and contesting the RK nagar seat.  BJP has also fielded Gangai Amaran from their side who met Superstar Rajinikanth two days back (source).

This is not the first time the AIADMK symbol is frozen, in 1988-89, after MGR’s death, both his wife and GF, Janaki and Jayalalithaa try to claim the symbol two leaves, EC seized the symbol and later it goes with Jayalalithaa. This time it’s different story, total 3 sides are claiming the symbol, Deepa, Ops camp and sashikala camp as well. The voting will be done on 15th of April, 2017 on RK nagar seat and result will be announced within 2 days of the polling.

It will be interesting to see who wins this seat, as who ever win this seat will come close to win the AIADMK symbol. Stay tuned for more updates on this polling, only on

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