Review Writing Internship @ Kitchen Raja

By | April 1, 2017

Kitchen Raja is looking for writing interns for the portal. Different interns for different streams are being required and thus, more than 2 interns will be selected. More detailed description is being given below regarding the employer as well their requirements.

Review Writing Internship @ kitchen raja

blog writing internship

Please go through them, in details and apply once you are satisfied and find yourself eligible for the post of writing interns with Kitchen Raja.


Kitchen Raja is a website which is well known among kitchen lovers. If someone wishes to buy any item for their kitchen, then they can go through this website. This website provides best solutions and ways to find out the best products and items for your kitchen at numerous discount rates with reviews (reviews like refrigerators) consisting of both the pros and cons of buying that item.


Kitchen Raja is looking for interns for certain writing projects. Kitchen raja is looking for 2-5 content writing interns. The primary job of those interns include writing articles which basically deals with the kitchen products and same stream having other aspects as well.

Candidates are require to give atleast 4 hours a day and 5 days a week, if they are willing to intern with Kitchen Raja. For 2 weeks, the candidates will be kept under observation, and then we will hire them as an intern, on the permanent basis.


  • We are looking for the candidates who are passionate about writing. This is the main term which we are looking for. Being passionate about something, is what makes the work perfect.
  • Next, what we are looking for, in a candidate is that the candidate must be interested in the kitchen products as well. The items which are used in the kitchen and the items which can be replaced must be highly needed.
  • Writing reviews along with the pros and cons, is something what we need.
  • The candidate must be highly research oriented as well.
  • Apart from all this, the candidates must have good communication skills too.
  • The candidate must have willingness to work in a team.
  • Having good knowledge about Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft power point, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and different social media’s along with the internet usage, is something which must be known by the candidate.
  • Candidate should be available, when we require him or her.
  • Must be present on Google hangout, skype, emails, whatsapp or any other medium which is suitably selected by both the parties.

Interested candidates can apply for internship via their About us page or mail them at [email protected]

Since, this is an internship, so in the beginning, the pay scale will be as per the norms going on the in the content writing markets for writing interns. But, if we like your work, we will make you our permanent employee and will pay you a really good amount which will be appreciable in the market as well.

So, if you are willing to intern with Kitchen Raja, then this would be the best opportunity for you. Apply for it and grab it.

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